The Writing Lab for doctoral researchers at Leipzig University offers a variety of free modules to support you in writing your dissertation. Monthly Writing Days, individual consultations, workshops and a Cowriting Space give you the opportunity to network, receive further training and overcome obstacles in their writing.

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In ourText Factory, we support doctoral researchers in writing their dissertation with various free and modular offers. Photo: Colourbox

You’ve collected all of the data and now it’s time to get started with writing your dissertation? But despite months of work at the library, are you somehow just not making progress with the chapter you’re on? All doctoral researchers have to write sooner or later – and they have to write a lot. You will encounter an endless number of challenges, but there are just as many techniques and hacks to solve them.

At our new Writing Lab for doctoral researchers at Leipzig University, we would like to bring together different types of writers; support them in the writing process with their own strengths, topics and problems; and help them connect with one another.

Writing Lab Modules

Whether it’s a monthly Write-Together, an individual writing consultation, thematic workshops or just a quiet place to write – you can pick and choose from our list of free offerings. Registration is required.

The interdisciplinary Writing Days will include a combination of theoretical input sessions, creative exercises to generate ideas and longer writing phases. The participants will present their writing project for the day, give each other feedback and then evaluate the progress they made together at the end. The monthly Writing Day will initially take place online (because of the coronavirus) and will later be held at Villa Tillmanns. The course language is English.

Doctoral researchers have the opportunity to sign up for free writing consultations with Dr. Anne Hamker, where they can focus on individual aspects of their work, modify their text and discuss further strategic steps. The writing consultations will initially take place online. If you are interested, please send an email to register for a time slot. In order to provide targeted support, participants should formulate a goal(s) that are as specific as possible based on the following questions: What do I want to achieve in the consultation? What do I need assistance with?

When it comes to writing, many doctoral researchers don’t lack technique or motivation, they simply don’t have a quiet place where they can concentrate and write in a comfortable environment. We would like to invite you to come to Villa Tillmanns every other week to write alongside your fellow researchers in the seminar rooms on the ground floor.

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