“The psychological component of violence”: Alexander Godulla on the World Press Photo 2019

Yesterday evening (11 April), the World Press Photo Foundation awarded its World Press Photo of the Year prize in Amsterdam. No international photo competition attracts more attention. Professor Alexander Godulla received his doctorate in 2009 with a study on the Foundation’s activities and has been…


“Green biotechnology”

Scientists at Leipzig University have made a major step forwards in green biotechnology. The researchers, led by Professor Christian Wilhelm from the Institute of Biology, have found a neat new way of using photosynthesis to obtain a starch substitute for biotechnological applications – without…


Disease mechanism of chronic nerve damage elucidated

Chronic damage to the peripheral nervous system is a common neurological disease and can be caused by genetic defects, inflammation, metabolic disorders or medication. Patients develop progressive neuropathy, which can lead to gait abnormality, wheelchair dependence, and sensory disorders such as…


The origins of Europe’s climate

An international research team led by Leipzig University has investigated the climate history of Northwest Africa and Europe. Professor Christoph Zielhofer, physical geographer at Leipzig University, and his colleagues found indications that today’s climate began 5000 years ago. The so-called North…


Who is globalizing, who is benefiting, and what new spaces are being created

Globalization? “A flashy term with plenty of definitions – and plenty of drawbacks.” If at all, then Professor Matthias Middell prefers to speak of “globalizations”. For him, the core element here is not the crossing of borders or even a globe-spanning reach, but a “respatialization of the world”.…


The language of microbes

Leipzig’s University Library (UB) has launched a new research project on the subject of “harnessing microbes to explore books’ biographies”, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The collaborative project analyses microorganisms in late medieval manuscripts from…


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