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Explore how positive psychology enhances academia. Thrive through strengths, playfulness, and well-being strategies.

This talk will be held online
02.11.2023 | 10:30 - 12:00

Prof. Dr. René Proyer

Target Group
Doctoral students, Postdocs

Course Description
This talk focuses on how doctoral students and postdocs can benefit from the findings of positive psychology in their work and managing work-related demands. Positive psychology is the field of study that explores the strengths and conditions that enable individuals to thrive and learn more about what it means to live a “full life”. I will provide a brief introduction to positive psychology, which is also suitable for non-psychologists, and emphasize important findings that can assist in coping with daily work-related stressors and the challenges that a life in academia holds.

  •  classification system of character strengths
  •  understanding team dynamics within a group of collaborators
  •  self-directed activities to enhance well-being and improve positive psychological functioning
  •  how play and playfulness can foster innovation, curiosity, and contribute to overall well-being

A useful perspective in approaching daily challenges is the Ernstheiterkeit of the homo ludens (the playful human); Ernstheiterkeit is a German neologism indicating a combination of seriousness and cheerfulness.

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  • Prof. Dr. René Proyer
    Professor for Psychological Assessment and Differential Psychology at Martin-Luther-University Halle