In cooperation with TwentyoneSkills, we offer a digital learning platform with courses for doctoral researchers and early postdocs.

enlarge the image: Computer screen with website of the learning plattforn TwentyoneSkills
The platform's range of courses includes bestsellers such as Presentation Skills, Science Communication, Time Management and Leadership. Photo: TwentyoneSkills

The learning platform TwentyOne Skills currently has over 40 courses available and is constantly being expanded and updated. The offer includes "bestsellers" such as Presentation Skills, Science Communication, Time Management or Leadership. But also new, in-demand areas such as Agility, Design Thinking, or Mental Health are being offered.

The e-learning courses are offered in two formats: “Deep Dive" courses are courses with a learning duration of 2-3 hours. Here, a topic is presented in detail. "Nuggets" with a length of not more than 20 minutes on the other hand, concentrate on the specific teaching of a technique or method. After course completion, you can download a certificate. 

Those who want to familiarise themselves independently and autonomously with new topics and fields of competence are well provided for with the extensive course portfolio. Furthermore, regular live formats offer the opportunity to exchange ideas on course content, applying methods or addressing individual questions, which are then answered by experts.

Access for three months

We are offering members of the Graduate Academy 50 exclusive and free of charge memberships for the duration of three months each starting in July and October 2023, as well as in January and in April 2024.

Registration for a TwentyoneSkills licence for the period 1 April - 30 June 2024 is now open!  Memberships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Please fill in the form below.

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