Essential Skills for Early Career Researchers

The workshops at the Research Academy Leipzig are divided into four categories so that you can find the ones that are best for you. Each one focuses on specific skill areas that are important for your career portfolio as an early career researcher.

Research and Integrity

This area is at the core of our commitment to skills development. We want to offer research-related workshops that equip early career researchers with the particular skills they need to work in academia, along with their subject-specific expertise. A focus of this topic area is research integrity and as such there are offerings related to aspects like good scientific practice, research data management and open science.

Workshops from this skills area:

  • Academic Presentations with an Impact
  • Introduction to 'R'
  • Preparing Your Humanities Article for Publication
  • How to Write a Competitive DFG-Proposal
  • Improved Reading
  • Good Scientific Practice
  • Grant Writing
  • Thesis Defense Training

eLearning course "Good Academic Practice during Doctoral Studies"

How should research results be documented? What is the right way to cite? How does one handle image sources? Answers to questions about working correctly are provided in the eLearning course "Good Academic Practice During Doctoral Studies" in German and English.

The tool was designed by the (post)graduate academy of Goethe University Frankfurt and adapted for doctoral researchers at Leipzig University. Five modules are available, containing comprehensive information, tests to check the knowledge gained as well as supplementary information materials. Completing all modules takes about 60 minutes. You can interrupt the course at any time, recover your previous progress or repeat modules. At the end, you will have the possibility to receive a certificate.

You can obtain a licence to take the eLearning course from Juliane Rein.

Career Development

Developing a profile and recognising your own strengths and weaknesses can help you to identify and actively implement concrete steps towards the career you want. Our offerings are designed to help you find your career path, no matter if you are pursuing a career in or outside of academia or if you are still undecided.

Workshops from this skills area:

  • Funding Options for Postdoc Positions
  • How to Find your Job in Germany
  • How to Become a Professor - How to Structure your Postdoc

Leadership and Management

A doctoral dissertation, Habilitation and a research project are all extensive projects that require organisational skills as well as a structured approach, good project and time management, and the right balance of work and leisure time. In our workshops, you will also learn to coordinate and lead teams and research groups.

Workshops from this skills area:

  • Managing Your PhD Project
  • Finish it! How to Finalise your Dissertation

Communication and Creativity

Successfully communicating with experts in your field and the wider public and effectively presenting and publishing your own work are among the key skills required for a successful career in academia and beyond. Our offerings in this skill area are also designed to help you stimulate your creative processes, work in an interdisciplinary manner and improve your productivity.

Workshops from this Skills Area:

  • Designing Effective Academic Posters
  • Creative Methods to Support Inter- and Transdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Design Thinking
  • Design Basics For Scientists

Workshops and Seminars

Our programme of workshops and events provides you the opportunity to develop your interdisciplinary skills. With our offerings, we want to support you in your research project and help you prepare for your career, whether that be in or outside of academia.

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Our programme of workshops offers you the opportunity to develop your interdisciplinary skills. With our offerings, we want to support you in your research project and help you prepare for your career, whether that be in or outside of academia.

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