Since 1994, the Leibniz Professorship has been awarded each semester to renowned international researchers and is one of the highest honors our university bestows.

We are currently not accepting nomination proposals for further appointments to the Leibniz Professorship.

Welcome Sergei Kruchinin!

Leibniz Professor in the winter semester 2023/24

Prof. Dr. Sergei Kruchinin works at the Bogolyubov Institute of Theoretical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and also holds the Chair of Theoretical and Applied Physics at the National Aviation University in Kiev. As a renowned theoretical physicist, he enjoys international recognition in the fields of solid-state physics, superconductivity and nanophysics.

Kruchinin is also known as the author of the books "Modern Aspects of Superconductivity: Theory of Superconductivity" and "Problems and Solutions in Special Relativity and Electromagnetism". His publications span significant work in nuclear physics, many-body systems, solid-state physics, superconductivity, the theory of nonlinear phenomena and nanophysics. In particular, his recent internationally recognized studies contribute important insights into the theory of nanotransistors, quantum computers and thermoelectricity in tunneling nanostructures and graphene.

Research cooperation with Felix Bloch Institute and Graduate School BuildMoNa

Due to his broad expertise in fundamental theory and his special knowledge of current experimental research, Prof. Kruchinin is an ideal cooperation partner and mentor for doctoral researchers at the Felix Bloch Institute. For his time as Leibniz Professor, an intensive collaboration with the experimental physics groups of the Felix Bloch Institute is planned, which will be enriched by Kruchinin's expertise in nano-physics and numerical calculations and thus represent a significant contribution to the Graduate School BuildMoNa.

Another project is the development of a new module for graduate education in collaboration with physicists and representatives of BuildMona. This module will be specifically tailored to the needs of doctoral researchers. The collaboration will give doctoral researchers at Leipzig University the unique opportunity to benefit from Prof. Kruchinin's international experience and expertise.

Especially in light of the current situation in Ukraine, we are pleased to be able to integrate Sergei Kruchinin into teaching and research at Leipzig University as a Leibniz Professor in the winter semester 2023/24.

enlarge the image: Portrait of Leibniz Professor Sergei Kruchinin
Physicist Sergei Kruchinin from the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine is Leibniz Professor at Leipzig University in the winter semester 2023/24. Photo: Christian Hüller

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Information about Leibniz Professorship Appointments

The Leibniz Professorship is for a W3 visiting professor who conducts interdisciplinary research and teaches classes for students and doctoral researchers. The aim is to stimulate partnerships, creating a foundation for academic innovation. We also hope to gain new ideas and input for the training of early career researchers. We would like to attract internationally renowned academics and researchers, primarily from countries outside Germany.

Preference will be given to researchers who contribute to research areas, research approaches and/or academic discourses that are not represented in Leipzig. The candidate must be proficient in one of the most widely used academic languages (English, German or French). We especially welcome nominations for outstanding researchers who are female and/or from outside Europe and the US as these minorities have to date been underrepresented in the Leibniz Professorship Programme.

The Leibniz Professor is offered a temporary employment contract (W3) that covers the semester for which a leave of absence from the primary place of employment is taken. The Leibniz Professor will be provided with an office.

The teaching hours are limited to four semester hours per week. We expect the Leibniz Professor to participate in the training of doctoral researchers at the host institution or the Graduate Academy Leipzig by giving lectures, workshops, and/or colloquia, leading field trips, and/or teaching at the summer or winter school. At the beginning of the semester, the Leibniz Professor holds an inaugural lecture that is open to all university members. We also offer a Science Café, where the Leibniz Professor discusses a topic with selected guests in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. University members are invited to attend.

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