Leibniz Professorship

Since 1994, the Leibniz Professorship has been awarded each semester to renowned international researchers and is one of the highest honors our university bestows.

Photo: Christian Hüller

Our current Leibniz Professor: Luca Illetterati

Professor of Theoretical Philosophy Luca Illetterati from the University of Padua is Leibniz Professor at Leipzig University in the winter semester 2023/24.

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Through Leibniz MOBILITY, we support early career researchers by inviting international visiting researchers (INVITATIONS) as well as promoting stays for research and networking at universities and research institutions worldwide (TRAVEL).

Leibniz Alumni

Am 21. Mai 2019 hielt Gefen seine Antrittsvorlesung als Leibniz-Professor zum Thema "Weak Measurement: A peephole into quantum reality". Foto: Christian Hüller

Former Leibniz Professors

International, experienced and highly renowned Leibniz guests have been researching and teaching at our university since 1994.

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Leibniz Programme

About the Leibniz Programme

The Leibniz Programme at the Graduate Academy Leipzig promotes exchange between researchers – interdisciplinary, internationally and intergenerational.

The Leibniz Programme expands conventional graduate education to include new formats for exchange between early career researchers and experienced international researchers. In this learning community, they discuss their subjects and experience and develop new ideas together. Our doctoral researchers and postdocs are thus encouraged to start developing their academic and personal profiles and to build important networks for their academic careers.

The Leibniz Programme includes the Leibniz Professorship and the exchange programme Leibniz MOBILITY.

Why Leibniz?

The Leibniz Programme is named after Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who is considered “the last universal genius” in pre-modern times and is one of the most famous Leipzig University students.

Leibniz himself lived and experienced the exchange of ideas across national borders, disciplines and generations. He worked in a truly interdisciplinary way and gained an international reputation as a mathematician, philosopher, historian, diplomat and politician. As a result, academic exchange with international scholars played a major role for him and led him to travel across Europe. On these journeys, he always found new inspiration for the topics he was working on. When he wasn’t travelling, he maintained a lively written exchange with more than a thousand colleagues from all over the world.

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