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The Research Academy Leipzig turns into the Graduate Academy Leipzig. All doctoral researchers and early postdocs at Leipzig University can now become members under certain conditions.

After a long process of preparation, we can now proudly announce that the Research Academy Leipzig will be further developed and renamed the Graduate Academy Leipzig following the entry into force of new regulations. This means that, under certain conditions, all doctoral researchers and early postdocs at Leipzig University will be able to become members of the Graduate Academy and benefit from our services.

The benefits of membership in the Graduate Academy include:

  • Counselling services for questions regarding a doctorate, career development and conflicts
  • An extensive interdisciplinary qualification programme with workshops for doctoral researchers and early postdocs
  • Travel allowances for participation in conferences, meetings, workshops and schools abroad (doctoral researchers only)
  • Financial support for inviting international guest researchers to our university (Leibniz Invitations)
  • Financial support for research and networking stays abroad (Leibniz Travel, only for postdocs)
  • Doctoral thesis prizes
  • Logistical and financial support for the organisation of own events at Leipzig University
  • Childcare places for children under 3 years at day care mothers and flexible childcare at scientific events

Become a member

In future, all doctoral researchers at Leipzig Universitywho have concluded a supervision agreement and have been included on a list of doctoral researchers of the faculties can become members of the Graduate Academy.

Postdocs who completed their doctorate a maximum of three years ago, who are predominantly engaged in research, who are in the process of gaining academic qualifications and who are pursuing an activity with membership rights at a faculty or centre of Leipzig University can also become members.

Associate membership can be applied for by doctoral researchers from other universities who are members of joint doctoral programmes with Leipzig University.

"With the reorientation into the Graduate Academy Leipzig, we are moving away from the model of offering our support only to doctoral researchers in structured doctoral programmes. We are opening up to the whole university and now welcome all doctoral researchers and early postdocs who meet the requirements to join us!" says Dr Kornelia Ehrlich, Managing Director of the Graduate Academy Leipzig, who has been in charge of the reorganisation process.

At the moment, we are preparing the transition to the Graduate Academy at the office.

Registration for membership will be possible from 1 March 2023.