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Supervisor Award - Nominations possible until 31 March

An outstanding supervisor of doctoral theses at Leipzig University can receive the Supervisor Award this year. Nominations can be submitted to us via the nomination form until 31 March.


Benefits of big city life – only for the elite

Urban inequality in Europe and the United States is so severe that urban elites claim most of the benefits from the agglomeration effects that big cities provide, while large parts of urban populations get little to nothing. In a study published in Nature Human Behaviour, researchers at Linköping…

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New Humboldt Professor Tina Malti starts at Leipzig University

Developmental and clinical psychologist Tina Malti is the new Alexander von Humboldt Professor at Leipzig University. She conducts research on childhood development, and as the new director of the Leipzig Research Center for Early Child Development (LFE), she will be able to boost the LFE’s…


New hope for treatment of rare metabolic disease

To date, no pharmacological treatment exists for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, a progressive genetic metabolic disease that damages the adrenal glands, the spinal cord and the white matter of the nervous system. A new drug currently in the approval process could help prevent severe disease…


Leipzig University bolsters support services for Iranian students

At a protest on 30 November 2022, Iranian students of Leipzig’s higher education institutions, along with the Leipzig University Student Council and the Iranian Woman, Life, Freedom movement showed solidarity with the current protests in Iran. The majority of the 400 or so participants also took…


Researchers gain deeper understanding of mechanism behind superconductors

Physicists at Leipzig University have once again gained a deeper understanding of the mechanism behind superconductors. This brings the research group led by Professor Jürgen Haase one step closer to their goal of developing the foundations for a theory for superconductors that would allow current…


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