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Deadline extension for registration for our German courses

Registration deadline extended! Members of the Graduate Academy can still register for our German courses until 27 September.

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Biologist Wirth appointed to BMBF advisory panel “Forum #Zukunftsstrategie”

Biologist Professor Christian Wirth from Leipzig University, spokesperson of the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), has been appointed by Federal Minister of Education Bettina Stark-Watzinger to the newly founded “Forum #Zukunftsstrategie”, a panel that will advise the…


Stefan Rohdewald on the situation in Ukraine: “Trench warfare that could last for years”

Every year on 21 September, the United Nations celebrates the International Day of Peace, which aims to observe and strengthen the idea of peace within and between countries and peoples. Ever since Russia’s war of aggression began, Professor Stefan Rohdewald has been thinking about how peace could…

Fakultät für Lebenswissenschaften

Researchers identify link between daily sleep patterns and long-term memory

Adult sleep is tied to specific times of the day. In contrast, sleep in early life lacks this clear daily (circadian) pattern. It is not yet known what controls this developmental change. Professor Andreas Thum, head of the Department of Genetics at the Institute of Biology at Leipzig University,…


Meteorologist Sebastian Sippel on new climate simulation methods

Extreme temperatures could also be a threat to Europe, according to new calculations by an international team of researchers. Sebastian Sippel, Junior Professor for Climate Attribution at the Institute for Meteorology at Leipzig University, was part of the team. In this interview, the expert…


The Arqus Café starts again – register now!

Students and staff from the Arqus universities can now register for the seventh edition of the Arqus Café, which will run from 18 September to 1 December 2023.


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